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Develop a computer vision model, improve your chatbot or manage your digital workforce. Whatever your needs, it is time to let Enlabeler enliven your vision by taking that first step - labeling your data.

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We Are Leaders In Labeling

Being proudly South African gives us a leading edge.

International Standard

South Africa scores 6th on the global English Proficiency Index*. With an excellent service oriented, multilingual workforce and it’s high mobile and internet penetration - South Africa forms an attractive base for global operations.

Competitive Pricing

Providing specialised annotation and transcribing services to clients in multiple industries, with the excellent level of expertise in AI/ML and data science, rates in South Africa are highly competitive.

Enable & Empower

Enlabeler puts training & development at the heart of our business, and aims to grow the next generation of data professionals in South Africa


3 Step Intake Process

Within two weeks we have a solution and dedicated team ready for you



We understand your needs, accuracy requirements and objectives, and design a custom-made labeling service that works for you.

Sample Review

Provide us with a sample dataset which we label based on the objectives defined in step 1. This will serve as a Proof of Concept to make sure we understand your requirements and to give you comfort in the process and our service offering.

Launch Labeling

Labelers start labeling your data with built-in validation to guarantee labeling quality. After validation, you’ll receive your data back in the format that works for you. Enlabeler provides regular updates throughout the different phases of the project.


How We Work

As your no. 1 data labeling solution our team of expert labelers, transcribers, translators, and data scientists assist you with bespoke data labeling services, including building ML models and API development.


Enlabeler Platform

We have teams working from flexible environments on Enlabeler’s (mobile) web app, offering an easily scalable solution that’s incredibly flexible and works with on-demand contractual labelers.


On Premises

Enlabeler has physical locations available where teams can work remotely in a controlled environment. The data labeling can be performed either within the client's system environment for easy integration with your processes, or Enlabeler’s very own labeling environment.


In the Client’s interface (remote teams)

Enlabeler provides selected and trained candidates to work within the client’s interface of choice. We remain in charge of the end-to-end project delivery, offering our client a trouble-free experience.

Quality assurance

Our quality assurance processes guarantee the quality you expect.

Enlabeler ensures that the quality of our work is in accordance with a client's standards. In addition to testing the performance of our labelers before assigning them to a task, we conduct a thorough cross-validation process on completed datasets before sending them back to a client.


We tailor the quality measure with you (e.g. F1 score)


We agree together about the expected score (e.g. F1>0.85)

Ground truth

We score the performance of labelers by including labeled images in the dataset.


Post labeling quality assurance and feedback to both labelers and client.

Pricing models

Enlabeler works with different pricing models based on your business needs. During the intake process, we determine which of these models is the best fit.

Pricing model 1

Total price

Fixed budget

Project based

Pricing model 2

Targeted volume

Clients system

Novel labeling

Pricing model 3

Price per unit

Large datasets

Repetitive labeling

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