Our purpose.

Enlabeler is a data annotation service provider with a mission to create jobs in the townships. Due to our flexible and scalable set-up, we are able to quickly respond to a client’s needs and deliver fast and reliable feedback on your dataset. We work for clients that need help with the organization, classification, clean-up and labeling of their datasets (images, speech, text, video). This data will be used to train machine learning and Artificial Intelligence models.

At Enlabeler our primary mission is to create data labeling jobs for (unemployed) youth in the township communities in South-Africa. We strongly believe in creating an inclusive and tech-driven environment, in which young people can get first (paid) work experience, develop themselves and get ready to grow into the data science/tech industry in South-Africa

We believe we can create an African data labeling community through a scalable, flexible mobile platform and label data within and for Africa We partner with local youth empowerment initiatives (such as Naspers Labs) to train and develop young people (18-30) in the township communities and bringing in new financial wealth. Together with our clients, we aim to fight youth unemployment. We work for international and domestic clients and serve commercial goals - by making a difference together!

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Head office in Cape Town.
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We have our head office in Cape Town, our clients are all over the world. Cape Town is one of the best places in the world to work and live, come visit us and you'll agree.



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