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Machine learning models extract meaningful insights from raw data to quickly solve complex, data-rich business problems.

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Use Case 1

Drones, Manufacturing & Agriculture

Are you generating thousands of images to monitor your crop, to ensure quality in your manufacturing process, or to inspect power lines? Through our image/ video annotation, classification and analysis offering, we can develop an automated annotation process to identify anomalies in each of these industries with quick turnaround times to allow you to intervene before it is too late.

Use Case 2

Finance & Insurance

Want to measure the purchase intent of new customers through your website or social media? Or need help to transform your insurance intake process to an automatic model that picks-up the characteristics of a new or existing client? We can support you by structuring your unstructured data to allow for customer sentiment analysis, purchase intent identification and to enable you to offer bespoke solutions to each client.

Use Case 3


Imagine automated recordings and transcriptions of doctor consultations. With our speech to text solution, we can assist you with this.

Hospitals also sit on big pools of data, such as radiological images. With our image annotation services we can help you train a Machine Learning model to identify any anomalies in MRI scans, x-rays, etc.

Use Case 4

Customer Services, Chatbots and eCommerce

Standard summarizations of customer calls, speaker recognition and transcriptions are all ways to empower your customer service workforce. We support an array of languages through our Natural Language Processing (NLP) and translation services. Chatbots are becoming increasingly popular to standardize communications with consumers, clients and prospects. Make use of our data structuring services for customer sentiment analysis, customer intent and to evaluate your chatbot performance. eCommerce players and retailers use large databases of product imagery and product data to build their online offerings. Make use of our image annotation service and customer sentiment analysis solutions to enhance your eCommerce offering.

Use Case 5

FMCG, Media & Technology

Imagine the automatic extraction of the key information on an invoice, price tags or restaurant menus. Or the annotation and classification of shelves, products, brands and prices to train your retail application to automatically track shelf management, dynamic price checking, and identify misplaced items. Through Enlabelers image annotation, classification and segmentation services we can make this a reality for you.

Use Case 6


Local, provincial and national governmental organizations are all looking to communicate their services in local languages via WhatsApp, websites or email. Enlabeler supports an array of local African languages and can help standardize the transcription and translation workflow so all your recipients receive the information they need in their language of choice.

Use Case 7

Security & Compliance

Thermal heat cameras, facial recognition applications and face mask compliance platforms have all become part of our daily lives. Through our image annotation and classification services we can help you train ML models to automatically identify any anomalies on any of these platforms.


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