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At Enlabeler, we’re always looking to hire ambitious people to join our rapidly growing team of operators, labelers and support staff. We partner with Cape AI to provide our team with opportunities for growth and cross-learning in the data industry. Together we aim to grow the next generation of data professionals in South Africa. We’ve established other partnerships across the board - from social impact organizations to AI community groups and companies who share the purpose of fighting youth unemployment.

What we’re looking for

At Enlabeler, we love working with motivated individuals from all over the world that share the same purpose as we do! No matter your studies or background, we’re keen to look at synergies and find a project that interests you which you can focus on for a period of 3-12 months. We are involved in a wide variety of tasks and topics, from business intelligence, software/app development, to data science, and that in quite a variety of industries. If you need to complete your academic research project, thesis or dissertation - we can provide some theoretical guidance. And if you’re only interested in “practical work experience” - we can accomodate you too.


Most of the time internships are focused on your development and therefore unpaid.

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Not sure exactly what we’re looking for or just want clarification? We’d be happy to chat with you and clear things up for you. Anytime!

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Do you feel like you belong working with Enlabeler, but we just don’t have your dream job posted? No problem, just reach out.

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To join the Enlabeler community, send your story to [email protected]. We would like to know about your background, topic of study, area of interest and most importantly more about you.

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