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If you want better insights into the behaviour of your customers, it’s time to start annotating your unstructured data. Whether you're looking to develop a computer vision model, improve your chatbot and/or digital workforce, it’s time to let enlabeler enable your vision by taking that first step on your behalf - labeling your data.

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Mobile platform

Our mobile app offering is easily scalable, incredibly flexible and works with on-demand contractual labelers. It's best used for non-personal data, sourced from fluctuating, peak / low scale data streams.

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On premise

Enlabeler has physical locations available where teams can work remotely in a controlled environment, within the client’s interface of your choice. This kind of data annotation and labeling work can take place either within the client's system environment for easy integration with your processes, or Enlabeler’s very own labelling environment. This is especially convenient for privacy-sensitive data sets that have a consistent flow as well as a predictable labelling timeline.

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At the client

Enlabeler provides clientele with dedicated teams of young talented individuals who work within your office space. We help select and train candidates that satisfy the client’s requirements. They’ll be able to do the data labeling work for you! But remain contracted by Enlabeler.

Intake process

In order for the Enlabeler team to provide you with a timely and reliable response on your dataset, we require the following information:


A dataset consisting of a representative sample. This can be sent to us in any format.


The goal of the machine learning task to be performed must be formally described.


A set of guiding instructions concerning the labelling of your data.

Quality assurance

Our quality assurance processes guarantee the quality you expect.

Enlabeler ensures that the quality of our work is in accordance with a client's standards. In addition to testing the performance of our labelers before assigning them to a task, we conduct a thorough cross-validation process on completed datasets before sending them back to a client.


We tailor the quality measure with you (e.g. F1 score)


We agree together about the expected score (e.g. F1>0.85)

Ground truth

We score the performance of labelers by including labeled images in the dataset.


Post labelling quality assurance and feedback to both labellers and client.

Pricing models

Enlabeler runs a lean organization with a primary focus on creating contract jobs for unemployed youth. Enlabeler works with two pricing models, based on your needs. During the intake period of a project, we determine which of these models fits your needs best. And we come up with a targeted volume of labeling per hour per labeler.

The hours required for uploading data, bringing labelers up to speed with a particular labeling task, as well as quality control - are on the account of Enlabeler.

Pricing model
Per dataset

Set price

At scheduled times

Guaranteed quality

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