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At Enlabeler, we’re always looking to hire ambitious people to join our rapidly growing team of operators, labelers and support staff. We partner with Cape AI to provide our team with opportunities for growth and cross-learning in the data industry. Together we aim to grow the next generation of data professionals in South Africa. We’ve established other partnerships across the board - from social impact organizations to AI community groups and companies who share the purpose of fighting youth unemployment.

What we’re looking for

As a language transcriber at Enlabeler, you will become part of the data revolution in Africa! The world we live in is fully reliant upon data and machine learning models to optimize datasets. In order for these models to work effectively, humans are needed now more than ever to help label datasets. Your primary responsibility will be to assist our team with writing down transcriptions from audio files. The audio files are small, manageable clips in either English or local South-African languages. You will work on your own phone or desktop through the Enlabeler web application. We are looking for people that have a good feeling for languages but you don’t need any prior work experience as an official linguist or translator. You've got a high attention to detail and the ability to transcribe audio files with focus, concentration and accuracy. You will be successful in this position if you possess the ability to work on your own, maintain focus on the job and prioritize work appropriately.

We are looking for self-motivated individuals who possess the ability to work for long periods of time on a project

It is important that you are able to work independently, but at the same time, that you are comfortable functioning as part of a culturally diverse team

In addition to being detail-oriented, reliable, and committed, you must have the ability to follow guidelines carefully and stick to the time slots for each task

Finally, although not a prerequisite, both call center experience, and fluency in multiple South African languages is a plus


You’ll be asked to take a short audio test to see how you transcribe it.

You’ll create a labeler profile on the app and maintain it with the correct information (email address, bank account, ID number). And agree to our terms & conditions.

Select data labeling tasks (we call them campaigns) and label the data according to the requirements and instructions. Keep sensitivity to the data used.

Be very precise and complete each audio file with a high level of accuracy

Review and report any issues related to unlabeled or incorrect data. Ask for help when needed!

Provide post labeling feedback on the audio files and the web app.

Performance based pay (performance based on deadline, quality, availability)

Applicant requirements

You’ve got a South-African ID and have completed your matric

You’re in the possession of/can work for multiple days from a smartphone (any type), and you can bring your charger and power bank. For some projects you might need a desktop set-up with a reliable internet connection.

You’ve got a bank account under your name, or able to set-up a bank account in the short term.

You’re able to focus, and work very precisely for 4-5 hours a day

You’re open to learn and take training and guidelines instructions seriously


Depending on experience and performance.

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