Flexible pricing models that meet your business needs

Enlabeler works with different pricing models catered to your demand. During the intake process we determine which of these models is the best fit for you. We guarantee globally competitive prices for each of our service offerings.

Per Unit
  • Price per label, annotation, word or minute of audio
  • Once-off requests / datasets
  • Flexibility & Quick turnaround times

ideal for one-time projects with the flexibility to pay as you go

Per Project
  • Support for building and training model from scratch
  • Multiple batches over the course of the project
  • Upfront planned timelines

ideal for tactical AI projects that can vary in length and duration

  • Monthly recurring labeling work
  • Longer term agreement
  • Other services offered

ideal for strategic AI initatives that requier a scaleable and tailored quote

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Fast & High quality guaranteed

“Enlabeler’s quick turnaround times combined with high quality have set a new benchmark in the industry.”

“We typically work on weekly turnaround times per batch to allow our clients to continuously improve their machine learning models.”


“Tiered Pricing Model: the higher the volume, the lower the price”

“ I apprciate that Enlabeler always aims to offer the lowest competitive rates for the services provided.”

Flexible, Personal & Reliable

“Data labeling with a personal touch. Each client gets a dedicated project manager who serves as the single contact point for all requests, queries or concerns.”

“We have a track record of delivering on our promises and sticking to project timelines.”

*T&C’s apply

• Enlabeler only charges for actual annotations made • Enlabeler will dedicate (project) resources according to the client needs • Enlabeler is responsible for selection, training and performance management of the labelers • Any re-annotations due to bad performance of labelers are the responsibility of Enlabeler and won’t be charged to the client • Enlabeler will provide the labeled dataset back to the client in requested format • Additional costs may apply