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Our Services

Enlabeler offers multiple access to data solutions that is essential for data centric machine learning models. Our platform is an end-to-end solution for companies who want to automate business processes with high-quality annotated data. Enlabeler aims to produce unbiased and inclusive representation of datasets with the use of human and auto-annotation via our tool or on the client’s platform. Our services range from creating, classifying, cleaning-up and labeling of raw data sets.

Image Annotation

  • Image annotation for the training and implementation of computer vision models.
  • Object detection, anomaly detection, predictive maintenance, yield estimations, and many other use cases across multiple industries.
  • Bounding boxes, polygons, semantic segmentation, polylines, cloud points.

Text Classification

  • Text classification and annotation for the implementation of natural language understanding and other text related machine learning models.
  • Translation, entity extraction, text classification, summarisation and annotation across multiple industries and domains.


  • Offer both machine and human language specialist for text and audio translation.
  • Specific focus on local African languages, with successful project delivery in isiZulu, isiXhosa, Sepedi, Sesotho, Afrikaans, English and Kiswahili.

Video Annotation

  • Video annotation for the training and implementation of computer vision models.
  • Smart object tracking and anomaly detection in areas of security, behaviour tracking, self-driving cars, and many other use cases across multiple industries.
  • Process multiple frames per second with annotations of your choice.

Audio Transcription

  • Speech to text transcriptions for the implementation of Natural Language Processing models.
  • Speaker diarisation, call centre transcriptions, and various other use cases across multiple domains.
  • Transcriptions can then become the source data for our text services to allow for call summarisation, sentiment analysis and customer intent, for example.
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Why work with us

We bring humanity to data by creating remote jobs of the future in Africa whilst providing the
highest-quality labeled data.

We deliver high quality

  • Quality datasets guaranteed
  • World-class cross validation worksflow
  • SA scores 6th on the global proficiency index

We are personal and reliable

  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Service oriented, mulitingual worksforce
  • Online, on premises or totally remote

We are fast & secure

  • A quick turnaround to meet your deadlines
  • Humans-in-the-loop processes ensures quality
  • Data security certificates

We create jobs and make an impact

  • Creating remote tech jobs in Africa
  • Contributing to SDG 8 - Decent work for all
  • Grow next generation of data professionals
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Our Clients

Our Impact

Over 40% of all 25-34 year old and >66% of 15-24 year old South-Africans are currently unemployed (Q4, 2021). In line with the 8th Sustainable Development Goal (Decent Work for all and Economic Growth), Enlabeler fosters job creation in the emerging data-driven industry. These jobs not only create livelihoods for the leaders of tomorrow, they also build an ecosystem of talent in Africa and grow the entire economy’s competitiveness in the Artificial Intelligence and Data Industry.

* Q4 2021 numbers (Stats SA website (http://www.statssa.gov.za/)


Audio hours transcribed (SA English alone)


language experts available in over 10 different languages


Labelers in our database today


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Amy Bray

Competition Lead and Data Scientist at Zindi Africa

We are very satisfied with the constant communication. You nailed it.


Philip Weijschedi

Co-Founder and COO at Auto-Pilot

We are happy to work with Enlabeler, as their labeling workforce helps us to kickstart new projects. This extra service provides value for our users who want to offset their initial AI model accuracy by labeling and historical datasets.


Benji Meltzer

Chief Technical Officer at Aerobotics

Aerobotics has used Enlabeler across large data annotation projects spanning the globe, working with us to build a precisely labelled dataset that underpins our agronomic products. They have been an excellent partner to Aerobotics, providing high quality services and a committed team.


Enikő Sánta

Animal Scientist at Serket

“At Serket we are building a system to recognize and analyze the behaviour of pigs. We always receive good quality data from Enlabeler. They are known for high adaptability and excellent communication.”


Thembani Phaweni

AI Lead at Telkom
Strategic Insights

“Working with data labeling means that you will have a great deal of confidence that your task will be executed to your needs on time and according to the quality required to train your model . This is where Enlabeler shines.”


Stefan Steffen

Executive for Data Science
Telkom Group

“Enlabeler has truly surpassed our expectations in terms of the quality of the work produced. The team is responsive and works hard to ensure that value is added from the start. ”


Bernardt Duvenhage

NLP & Machine Learning Lead,
Praekelt Consulting

“We’ve used Enlabeler’s translation services a couple of times and really appreciate their ability to adapt to our needs and their dedication to providing high quality results using local language experts.”


Jonathan Vos

Machine Learning Engineer,
Practice Lead Platform 45

“At Platform45, we’ve built sophisticated algorithms to process our data to meet the highly technical needs of our AI. Enlabeler has proved pivotal in our development cycle by being receptive to our needs.”


Stefan Wierda

Team Manager Advanced Analytics
at Asset Insight

“The flexible and pro-active nature of Enlabeler perfectly fits the fast-paced sector in which we operate”


Raul Incze

Lead ML Engineer

“Collaborating with Enlabeler frees Kalido’s ML team to experiment with models and training scenarios, maximising the value our machine learning engine adds to the end users. Data and annotation quality is not something we have to worry about anymore.”


Gilles Depypere

Researcher & Lector: Artificial Intelligence

“Working with Enlabeler was a pleasure. Due to their responsiveness, we were able to quickly communicate our complex labeling needs and obtain the labeled dataset we needed.”


Pawel Burchaki

Developer R&D

“Enlabeler provides high quality results, making our development easier and faster. They always meet our expectations and do everything on time.”


Cycily Morrison

Principle Researcher at Microsoft Cambridge


“A big thank you from me for staying the course and being easy to work with. This was a refreshing change from our previous experience working another global data labeling company.”