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Welcome to Africa’s first township-based data labeling community!
Our vision is to improve the quality of life of Africa’s youth by providing them with a reliable source of income, development opportunities and on-the-job experience in a mobile based labeling environment.

Our services

We work with clients all over the world that require assistance with the organization, classification, clean-up and labeling of data, be that image, speech, text or video. We support different ways of working depending on our clients needs:


Enlabeler works with clients to structure, classify and label their data, while simultaneously making a difference in the township communities where we operate.

We train, develop and employ young people living in townships in the area of data labeling.



Onboarding of clients. What do you need this dataset for? When and how does it need to be labeled? We understand your needs, and design custom-made labeling services that work for you, while creating microtasks for youth in townships.

Data Labeling.

Dataset upload and break-down into tasks. Labelers start labeling your unstructured data with built-in validation to guarantee labeling quality. After validation, you’ll receive your data back in the format that works for you.


After your unstructured data has gone through the Enlabeler platform, we will provide you with feedback on the labelled data. In addition, our team includes machine learning experts capable of providing you with guidance as to how to best utilise your data.


Enlabeler was initiated by a group of pioneers with a shared mission: To create entry-level tech jobs in African townships and help fight youth unemployment in this country. We endeavour to connect international and domestic clients with our community of labelers.


Use cases



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We are constantly growing
our community of data labelers.

Enlabeler provides training and contract-based data labeling jobs in a relaxed, fun and learning-filled environment. If you’re keen to join our community - please get in touch. We are committed to equal employment opportunity regardless of race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, citizenship, disability or gender identity.

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Your skills

You are dedicated to learn, have a positive mindset and deliver high quality work.

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Something extra

We love diversity and are keen to find out about your passions, hobbies & achievements.

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We are committed to your personal development, and strive to create an inspiring and fun-filled atmosphere for you to work in. We ensure you get plenty of training and hands-on work experience.