Use Cases

Tailormade or repetitive datasets delivered with the highest levels of accuracy to a variety of clients across multiple industries

Use Cases and Industries we have offered our services in


Enlabeler Annotate


Enlabeler Annotate

Fruit annotation for yield estimation to assist farmers with running more productive farming operations.


Enlabeler Annotate

Deliver annotated datasets to train predictive maintenance models or assist with the automated inspection of infrastructure or physical assets.

Nature Conservation

Enlabeler Annotate

Prepared datasets to help identify dead pine trees as part of the fight to preserve natural forests across the globe.

Retail & Banking

Enlabeler Classify

Text classification, Sentiment analysis & entitiry recotnigion to train OCR models or classify products and brands from retail receipts.


Enlabeler Translate

Through our Enlabeler Translate service we implemented multi-lingual reviews in the Tourism industry to allow clients to read customer reviews in their language of choice.

Multilingual Chatbots

Enlabeler Translate

Through our Enlabeler Translate service we helped clients in the financial services industry to implement a multi-lingual chatbot so that their clients can communicate with them in their language of choice.

Drone Industry

An example of our end-to-end offering

Drone Flight & image processing

  • Drones collect images / video during flight
  • Images / videos processed at source & loaded to secure data pipeline
  • Images / videos converted & cleaned up

Enlabeler Annotate

  • Images ingested to Enlabeler Annotate for annotation
  • Enlabeler Annotate workflow, QA and delivery of high quality training dataset
  • Model Predictions improved for retraining purposes

Model training &

  • Training dataset feeds to ML model for training
  • Model trained & re-trained on a continuous basis
  • Fine tune model towards 99% accuracy


Insights & Analytics

  • ML Model produce insights & analytics in near real-time
  • Allow for preventative intervention and improved performance
  • Companies can focus on their core operations