We turn raw data into high-quality training datasets for your AI models

8 out of 10 AI projects fail due to lack of accurate training data. Our team of domain expert work with different data types across a wide range of industries from data creation to clean-up, classification and labeling. Data types we work with:






We offer a suite of services to create training datasets from unstructured image, video, audio and text data. We have offered these services across a range of industries and we are on a mission to build teams of domain experts for each industry.

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Enlabeler tools

Image Annotation

Bounding Box

Image Annotation


Image Annotation


Image Annotation

Semantic Segmentation

Image Annotation


Image Annotation


Audio Transcription

Audio to text transcriptions through our transcription platform for the implementation of Speech to Text models. Can be enriched with diarization, summarization and sentiment analysis.

Document Processing

Extract key information from any document-based data for OCR or analysis and classification of large databases of qualitative data.

Video Annotation

Annotate moving objects in video frames for the implementation of object detection, behavioural analysis and tracking models.


Multilingual translations for media or chatbot purposes, or to train NLP models. Languages include (different accents of) English, Dutch, Portuguese, Kiswahili, Afrikaans, isiZulu, isXhosa, Sesotho & Sepedi.

Text Annotation

Text labeling or annotation for models focused on Natural Language Understanding, entity recognition and sentiment analysis.

We are able to achieve this in the following ways

Our cutting edge technology combined with our highly skilled workforce of labelers ensures top labeling
performance with a world class precision rate. This we can do in different ways:

1Enlabeler platform and tools

Enlabeler’s dedicated project manager selects, onboards and trains the right team of labelers, annotators, transcribers or translators for you.

They will work within the Enlabeler Annotate, Enlabeler Classify, Enlabeler Transcribe or Translate tool to serve your needs.

Easy and secure data pipeline. We ensure the data output is delivered back to you how you want it and when you want it.

2Labelers working on prem

Enlabeler earmarks and trains teams that work within your system environment or annotation tool of your preference

This ensures an optimized workflow from your internal processes to the labeling or annotation work.

The labelers can grow into
expert users of your system – whilst you keep the flexibility and Enlabeler takes responsibility of the quality review and contracting of the labelers.


3Enlabeler customized solutions

We offer hybrid solutions based on each customer’s needs and have built customized data scraping tools, bots or other solutions related to data labeling.

The Enlabeler team can create white labeled instances of our labeling tools that are only accessible to your internal staff or experts, whereby we ensure that a secure data pipeline is built, access controls are managed and your teams can work independently on their own version of our tool.

Enlabeler Data Security & Privacy Policies

Data privacy, security and compliance is our number 1 priority. We understand the sensitive nature of the datasets we work with and therefore we treat our clients’ data with the respect it deserves. All our platforms and tools are built in secure cloud environments with dedicated resources for each individual client.

We continue to invest in our underlying architecture and have developed a secure data pipeline to process data between us and our clients. This allows us to read and label data directly from our clients’ cloud storage environments without having to ever download the data to our platforms.

Together with the technological interventions we have implemented we also have strict NDAs with our workforce of labelers to further ensure we treat our clients’ data confidentially.
See more information on our privacy policies here:

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